SANITAIRE® UV Air Sanitizers – A Safe, Durable,

SANITAIRE® UV Air Sanitizers – A Safe, Durable,

Last Updated on July 15, 2021

The UV Air Sanitizers help stop the spread of animal illness. Good hygiene and disinfection practices are the reason why animals are healthy. You provide a clean environment for your animals. Can you do more to create healthier conditions since many animal pathogens are airborne? The answer is yes.

SANITAIRE® UV Air Sanitizers are low maintenance and can help reduce the risk of animal infections.

The SanitAIRE® Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer is chemical-free. Poor air quality and high population density can cause animal infections. Microbes are carried on air particles and spread quickly. Animals and employees can be exposed to diseases before the first signs of illness appear. If pathogens are not stopped immediately, you could suffer a lot of animal and economic losses.

The UV Air Sanitizers are used in the farm and animal processing facilities.

Good animal husbandry practices use UV to keep farm workers safe. Animals have the potential to spread deadly illnesses. UV air sanitizers can be deadly to infectious diseases.

Domesticated Animal Infections Prevented with UV Air Sanitizers

UV air sanitizers can be used to reduce respiratory infections in animals. UV air sanitizers can be used to reduce the spread of infectious illnesses in veterinary offices, animal shelters, and pet shops.

SANITAIRE®—Economical, Durable, Safe Solution for Animal Facilities

We know what makes ultraviolet sanitizers easy to use and maintain. The SanitAIRE® is always running with minimal attention. Installation and maintenance are not required with special training. There are no chemicals involved which means no worry of over-dosing or risk of mishandled. The SanitAIRE® uses Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps in the C wavelength to destroy a variety of airbornebacteria, virus, and mold. The ultraviolet lamps need a change every year. The Surelite electronic ballasts are energy efficient.

It is safe for use in densely occupied spaces with no risk of over exposure to humans or animals. The lamps are in a chamber. The air in the room is sucked out by the UV radiation inside the chamber. The STER-L-RAY ® Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps are protected by the ArmorLiteTM Lamp Safety Shield. If a lamp is broken, the coating eliminates the danger of mercury being found in staff sterilizing uv light and animals.

Multiple configurations and 3 models give flexibility. The SanitAIRE UV Air Sanitizer will give you peace of mind because it will reduce germs and the air your animals and staff are breathing will be treated with UV-C.

The UV air sanitizers from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® are made in the USA from U.S. and imported parts, and use germicidal ultraviolet lamps to purify the air. The SANITAIRE® Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer has many accessories that can be used for any application.

To find out more about the SANITAIRE® and the UV Air sanitizers, visit our overview page, download the SANITAIRE® owner’s manual, or review the UV Air Purifier & Surface Disinfection Equipment Comparison Sheet.

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