How to Get a Ukrainian SIM Card in Kyiv

How to Get a Ukrainian SIM Card in Kyiv

There is a post about how to get a sim card. I will let you know which carrier I prefer after a bit of trial and error. I’ve had good luck with both locations over the years, so I’ve decided to only list them on this site.

I know the locations for the two actual locations that I am listing are trustworthy and authorized by the headquarters.

Do You Need a SIM Card in Kyiv?

There is good internet in Kyiv and you can get it from anywhere. I think it’s a good idea to get a sim card in Ukranian. They are very affordable and you can get a lot of data with them. If you don’t have enough storage on your phone, it will be helpful to have a translation app with you.

If you don’t have a sim card, how will you show off to your friends and family?

Should you get a Ukrainian phone at the airport?

I wouldn’t suggest it. Sometime international sim card unlimited datas I get a different price at the airport than in the city, even though I am buying a Ukrainian sim card with it. Taking the train from Boryspil Airport to the city center is better for me.

Should you get a Ukrainian phone at the train station?

I have done this before, but not again. I couldn’t communicate with the female working at the store. There was a lot of miscommunication as a result of the language barrier that people in Kyiv had. There are a number of kiosks that have Ukrainian mobile carriers on them, which may make finding an authentic dealer difficult. The city is a good place to buy things.

There are many places to buy a Ukrainian sim card in Kyiv, but I prefer to go to the main street and square in the city. There are several places to purchase a Ukraine sim card from here.

I head straight to the store to purchase. I went with Kyivstar this time. The reason I didn’t go with Vodafone this time was because they were out of stock with pre-paid cards. We were sent to Kyivstar just a minute away.

Kyivstar Ukraine

I have avoided using it. Why? I can’t stop thinking about the Walmart logo when I pass the store. The only reason I went there was because of a shortage of pre-paid cards. I can get over the terrible logo of Kyivstar.

I didn’t have to show a passport, but I did have it with me when I went to get my Ukrainian phone. I would advise you to take yours, just in case.

The calls to other customers are free. If you want to see what the plans are like as of February 8, you can take a peek here.

There is 2 gigabytes of data and 30 minutes of call time outside of the city.

60 minutes of call time outside of Kyivstar is for 100 UAH.

300 minutes of call time outside of Kyivstar is included in the price.

Khreschatyk is in the city center. You should go to the actual shop at Khreschatyk St 52.

Vodafone Ukraine

I used to get my Ukraine sim cards fromVodafone, but I have stopped doing so. I would have gotten one again if they had them in stock, but it was fun to try something new and they were great. Even if they don’t require it at the time, I would bring your passport with you. Better than sorry.

You can see what tariffs are available on the website of the company. All prepay tariffs include unlimited calls. The options were available on February 8, 2019.

65 minutes of call time outside of Kyivstar is priced at about $2.40 per hour.

There is 8 gigabytes of data and 100 minutes of call time outside of the city.

There is unlimited data and 150 minutes of call time outside of Kyivstar.

You can receive unlimited international calls if you have a Ukraine sim card fromVodafone. If you ask me, it’s really rad. The 3 UAH is about $0.

I always go to the one on Khreschatyk Street 15. There is a Kyivstar if they don’t have cards in stock.

What to bring with you to get your card.

Bring a passport and bring exact change or close to it if you head in at a certain time. It was inconvenient for them to get me change because they had already closed up.

The process of getting a sim card in Kyiv is fairly easy. If you don’t know which plan you want and what the most important features are for you, you’ll end up with a cheaper option. The addresses of the places to buy a Ukrainian sim card are next to the details of the other two.

Check out my guide of things to do. Is it a chance to go to Almaty? You can read about how to get a sim card.

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