How to Create a Static and Dynamic Node Server

How to Create a Static and Dynamic Node Server

There have been many questions about how to have static and dynamic files served by the Node. I have a server that can serve both static and dynamic files. There are many frameworks that can take care of these things. It’s good to do things on your own to learn new things.

The server that decides what to serve is below. I usestatic to mark static content. Any URL with this pattern would be considered static and served from a file system.

var _url denojs tutorial is the url

If you’re missing something, I recommend you read this post because most of the code is self explanatory.

A static handler is going to be created to pipe the file to the stream.

var path is required, fs is required, and function handleStatic is required.

Do not send Content type, browser will pick it up.

The stream would be for the file. Streaming is always better for performance than reading the file into memory.

If you are creating your own version using the above code, you should include the response.end and return statement.

I have sent a request object to the methods that will allow them to read request parameters and relevant details to your code. The functions can be returned to your page. I am pushing the data back to the client.

Return read(req), function fetch(req), and function save(req) are all related. You have provided me with the data below.

Save and fetch methods would be used to serve the request. The server loader or index.js file is the last one.

var controller, var server, var urlResponseHandlers, and var handle are all related.

URL patterns are mapped to our functions. The fetch method would serve the request while the server would save it.

The URL patterns need to be mapped to the functions.

“About to dispatch a request for ” + pathname); var content is “Hey “+pathname”

We built a fully functional static + dynamic Node server that can serve both files from your drive and dynamic URLs.

Now just start your server

Here is an output from my laptop ->

Static Page pipe’d from the server

Dynamic Content generated reading request

Everything can be accessed from the server.

The speed at which the content is served is astounding. Too fast.

The server was updated to avoid dependency on static files.

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