Cancel STC Landline, Postpaid SIM, or Fiber Optic Internet?

Cancel STC Landline, Postpaid SIM, or Fiber Optic Internet?

It is not easy to cancel an internet connection due to complicated terms and conditions.

What is wrong with the STC cancellation process?

People pay their bill and stop using the service at the same time.

If you claim that you haven’t used a single MB of the internet or made a single call since you received the bill, they will tell you to pay the dues unlimited data sim again and then close the internet and Landline permanently.

The contract signed with STC

Why did it happen? Do you remember the contract that was signed with the company? Do you recall those terms?

The contract is for 1 or 2 years. Before 1 year is up, the users can’t permanently close down their internet and land line. If one wishes to close down the Landline before the end of the contract, they will be fined. Monthly dues will continue until the contract ends for those who don’t pay fines. Each year the contract is subject to renewal.

Cancel STC landline and internet connection

The users have signed the terms and conditions of the contract with the company. The users have to fulfill the contract term and then cancel it.

Paying all the dues is the only other way to permanently close down the internet and land line. Each year the contract is subject to renewal.

Cancel an STC Postpaid SIM Card

There is a different process for deactivation or cancellation of a sim card.

You need to visit a nearby office of the STC to inform them of your intentions. You will be asked to pay a certain amount for the service you’ve already used.

Within a few hours, you will have to pay the bill through SADAD, and your postpaid phone will be canceled within 24 hours.

Cancel an STC Prepaid SIM Card

You need to make sure that you have consumed all the balance and not use any cards in the card in order to cancel it.

If there is no balance on the card within 60 days, the card will be canceled.

Transfer STC landline to another location

Sometimes people want to stop using the internet or phone because they are moving. You can always transfer your phone to another location. If you want to transfer your phone to another location, you have to call 900.

Transfer STC internet to another person

If you want to transfer your internet connection to another person, you have to go to a nearby STC office. The internet connection will be transferred from one person to another.

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